On the 21st of May 2012 we have received the cost estimates for Bartek’s surgeries and physical therapy. To save our son’s legs we needed around 206 000 U.S. dollars.

On 9th of November National Health Fund (NFZ) has agreed to cover the full cost of the surgeries.

All the donations so far received were facilitated to cover costs of flights and living expenses while in West Palm Beach, FL.

Unfortunately Bartek’s recovery will not be over after the surgeries. For his legs to be fully functional, he’ll need extensive physical therapy for next few years at least and special hand-made braces. Additional check-ups and due to leg length discrepancy possible lengthening are in our plans.

Thank You for every donation!

Bartek belongs to the polish foundation – Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć z Pomocą” (nr. 17734)

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All of the accounts which Bartek has, have been facilitated by the Foundation in order to gather the funds for him.

Fundacja Dzieciom “Zdążyć z Pomocą”

ul. Łomiańska 5, 01-685 Warszawa

NIP 118-14-28-385 , KRS 0000037904,

e-mail: fundacja@dzieciom.pl, Fax 22 448 71 77, Phone 22 833 88 88

Donations in Poland

Bank BPH 15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615

With addition:

17734 – Bułat Bartosz – darowizna na pomoc i ochronę zdrowia

Donations outside of Poland

SWIFT (BIC): BPHKPLPK, IBAN: PL15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615

In title: 17734 Bulat Bartosz


48 10600076 0000321000196523

In title: 17734  Bulat Bartosz


11 10600076 0000321000196510

In title: 17734  Bulat Bartosz